Thai Yoga Massage Therapy

Balance. Restore. Energise.

About Saffron Thai Yoga Massage

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Rachel Dallas MBRCP

Registered Thai Yoga Massage Therapist located in Newport, Saffron Walden and surrounding areas

I see my clients from my therapy room at my home in Newport.

Treatments include:

-Traditional Thai Yoga massage 

-Thai Foot & Leg treatment

-Thai Back, Shoulder & Head Massage

-Pregnancy Thai Yoga massage

-TMJ Dysfunction & Jaw pain - A whole body approach


Thai Yoga Massage Treatments

Thai Yoga Massage 
from £60


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I've had different Thai Yoga massages but this was by far the best and most thorough. Rachel was very confident in her practice and had an amazing touch. Her pressure and application was spot on. She was caring and professional. I will definitely be recommending her.

-rebecca l


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I was feeling very stiff and achy in my lower back before the massage. The lovely deep stretches have really relieved the pain & left me super relaxed. Rachel relieved my headache too with some exquisite pressure points.

Thank you!

- Rebecca M

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A 2 hour massage feels like a strangely overindulgent thing to do and before my massage with Rachel I would have said that two, 1 hour massages would have been better bang for my buck. But, by the end of my massage I felt like I'd been on a one week retreat- truly transformed and more zen than I'd felt in a long time. So, 2 hour massages are the way forward with me!

Thanks Rachel.

-Steve W