TMJ Dysfunction

An integrated  whole body approach

How can a whole body approach help?

This TMJD whole body treatment integrates several techniques:

-Remedial massage (soft tissue therapy) works on the gentle release of fascia and trigger points throughout the body, helping to unwind tight areas and also aiding in relaxation.

-intra-oral massage directly works with the main muscles of mastication of the jaw to help ease fascial tightness and pain, gently releasing and softening.
-Jaw related Acupressure points gently massaged, pressed and held, helps to further release the jaw.

These, in combination, offer a gentle, releasing and effective approach in helping to ease jaw pain and symptoms of TMJD

What is fascia?

Fascia is the connective web that runs throughout the body, surrounding everything within us. When there is a restriction and tightness in one area of fascia (sometimes referred to as a 'knot') it can cause problems elsewhere in the body. . The gentle release of tight and restricted areas of fascia on areas of the body can have a wonderful unwinding effect and helping the muscles of the jaw to relax and soften.


jaw hip.png

The Jaw-Hip connection

One area of the body known to help ease the jaw are the hips and there seems to be a somewhat mysterious connection between them... Several studies have shown that when the hips are being worked it had a direct effect on the jaw and vice versa (1).  One possible reason, it is thought, is due to a direct line of fascia that runs from the hips to the jaw.