Foot & Leg Massage


1 hour foot & leg massage £55


A relaxing and stimulating one hour oil massage treatment for the feet and lower legs which combines reflexology techniques to help to stimulate all of the reflex zones on the feet, alongside Thai massage techniques to help with free flow of energy in the legs whilst stretching the ankles and feet.

benefits include:
-Improving circulation in the feet and legs.
-Stimulating lymphatic drainage- helping to remove toxins and boost immunity.
-Improving flexibility in the feet  and ankles.
-Helping to combat stress and stress related disorders.
-Helping with insomnia.
-Stimulating function of all internal organs.
-Aiding with elimination
-Helping to relieve and prevent ailments such as headaches, asthma, migraine, sinusitis and pre-menstrual syndrome.

This massage is performed FULLY CLOTHED. Please wear clothing however, that can be rolled up above the knee. Oil will be applied to both the feet and lower legs.