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Back pain is something I've had for many, many years. I've had treatments with chiropractors, osteopaths & tried regular massages but to no great success. After an MRI, my consultant advised not to have a major op, but to build muscle around my core, which I have worked on over the years. However, I still had frequent pain in my lower back, so I made an appointment with Rachel who I found to be skilled and professional. After 2 sessions she had stretched & manipulated me and had almost eradicated my back pain. Now I am able to get a good nights sleep and therefore its helped me cope with life stresses and everyday challenges. I continue to see Rachel and continue to see more and more improvement every time I go. I could not recommend her more highly - Colin F

I've had different Thai Yoga massages but this was by far the best and most thorough. Rachel was very confident in her practice and had an amazing touch. Her pressure and application was spot on. She was caring and professional. I will be recommending her - Rebecca L

I have had regular massages with rachel and always leave feeling totally relaxed, calm and balanced. she is really adept at listening to your body needs and responding intuitively. what you get is a total body/mind experience which will invigorate, stretch and relax you whilst you just lay back and do nothing. I cannot wait for my next one - rebecca m

A 2 hour massage feels like a strangely overindulgent thing to do. And before this massage with Rachel I would have said that two, one-hour massages would have been better bang for my buck.  But, by the end of my massage with Rachel I felt like I'd been on a one-week yoga retreat - truly transformed and more zen than I'd felt in a long long time.  So, two hour massages with Rachel is the way forward for me! Thanks Rachel - steve w

I am feeling the cumulative effects of the massages and i'm feeling much more calm and stable. Also my body feels warmer. I had strained my back which I feel was treated with confidence and care. Lovely slow, meditative movements - Naomi s

Having run 10 miles this morning my legs and shoulders were very stiff. Rachel took care of me. The stretching techniques she used and the elbows were immense and was just what I needed! I really love the smell of the oil that she uses for the face. Also, good coaching on breathing which I will work on for next time - Gillian L

A very enjoyable experience. really enjoyed the twists and shoulder stretches. the time flew by! I feel very much more relaxed than at the beginning - mary w

what an amazing experience! throughout the session Rachel used a variety of techniques to stretch every part of my body. I left feeling totally relaxed and about 2" taller! I would definitely recommend her - Kathy B 

Where did the 2 hours go? I honestly thought it was a max of 45 mins! I had tension in my shoulders and mid back...not any more! And I’ve felt genuinely serene all day. Rachel was brilliant. It was my first massage and 2 hours seemed quite scary. But I was able to relax within minutes. And her ability to apply just the right amount of pressure was extraordinary. I’ll be back! - Mark N

All I can say is wow!!! I've had traditional Thai massages in Thailand in the past and was worried this would be as intense but Rachel applied just the right pressure and I had the most wonderful and relaxing experience... just what my aching body needed. I will definitely treat myself to this massage again and will 100% recommend Rachel - Miria C

My two hour massage with Rachel was a wonderful experience and helped me shed a quite a few layers of tension often the stress of lockdown! Both relaxing and therapeutic - exactly what a good massage should be. I’d recommend Rachel highly and can’t wait to see her again - Janine F

Rachels Thai yoga massage was absolutely amazing! What a fantastic way to unwind. After first 10 or 15 min my mind completely switched off. Every cell of my body is thankful for this therapy - Laura R

Received my first ever Thai massage today and loved it! I turned up to my appointment exhausted and in desperate need of self care. Rachel was so professional, meticulous and applied just the right amount of pressure. I left my appointment feeling energised yet relaxed, thank you Rachel! - Amanda A

A lovely relaxing massage. The foot & leg massage is fantastic with Rachel. My first one. the pressure around the ankles and toes were my favourite bits. I felt so sleepy but energised. Rachel is very calm and makes you feel relaxed. Thank you. Highly recommend - Anne P

I suffer terribly with aches and pains, particularly lower back and shoulders. It was an utterly relaxing hour and I really feel the benefit already! - Lisa G

Great massage. I struggle with hip, knee and lower back problems. After two hours with Rachel I’m ready to get back on the tennis court. I highly recommend her. - Kevin C

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