Traditional Thai Yoga Massage 


2 hour massage - £105

This wonderful two hour, full body treatment, starts from the feet and slowly progresses up to the head.  The ten main Sen lines (energy lines) will be worked throughout the body to help to increase free flow of energy and release blocked energy. A number of deep nourishing stretches will be applied throughout the body which will help to stretch out and ease away any tension and, over time, can help increase flexibility and range of motion. Therapeutic acupressure points will be massaged which are known to help with many health conditions. 

This is an amazing form of therapy and I will work to your own body's limitations. You will find yourself both deeply relaxed, re-balanced and energised after the session. Having this therapy regularly can have extremely positive cumulative and lasting effects on your health and general well-being.

The massage is performed FULLY CLOTHED. Please wear loose comfortable clothing. A long sleeve T-shirt and light jogging bottoms are ideal.

 1.5 Hour massage - £90

This 1.5 hour long full body massage includes  stretches, twists, palming, acupressure points and some Sen line work that is present in the 2 hour massage.  

Pressure is applied through palms, feet, forearms and elbows.
Unlike the 2 hour treatment, This treatment will only include some of the traditional Sen line work.

1 Hour Massage - £60

This hour long Thai massage will include stretches, twists, palming and acupressure points with pressure being applied through palms, feet, forearms and elbows.

This length of massage does not include any traditional Sen line work that is present in the 2 hour and some of the 1.5 hour massage

This is a good massage for those that need to be worked on but who may be short on time