Thai Yoga Massage

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There is no reason why You can not have all the benefits of a regular Thai Yoga Massage during your pregnancy or indeed postpartum.

After 20+ weeks into pregnancy it becomes increasingly uncomfortable to lay on the back.


This massage is given in side position - one of the most comforting and nurturing positions to be in, especially during pregnancy. 

Being in side position ensures that there is absolutely no direct pressure to baby - with the support of bolsters, bean bags, cushions and blankets if needed.

All the usual leg, arm and gentle back stretches plus thorough working of the energy lines is given in this treatment... you definitely won't feel like you are missing out on anything and will receive all the great benefits.

Thai massage is traditionally given fully clothed - this can help you relax into the massage, especially when there may be feelings of vulnerability about the body. It is given on a traditional floor mattress, rather than a table style massage - Being close to the ground helps with feelings of grounding and connectedness.